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Leader in digital security

V Payment Systems is at the center of our evolving digital society, enabling businesses and governments around the world to offer trusted and convenient digital services to billions of individuals.

We work behind the scenes to ensure that each time their customers, employees and citizens want to transact, connect or identify themselves, they can do so safely and easily.

Whether they’re communicating, banking, doing business online, using e-Government services, accessing the cloud or building the Internet of things, people everywhere rely on V Payment Systems every day.

Our expertise

Our expertise spans the entire process of creating digital security solutions for our clients and their customers. We enable digital services and networks by offering a secure and seamless chain of software, products, platforms and services. This chain of trust helps organizations to protect what matters, where it matters by ensuring strong identities and secure data from the edge to the core.

To protect the edge of the network we develop secure software and operating systems which we embed in many kinds of device, like SIM cards, banking cards, tokens, and ID cards. Once we've personalized them and loaded them with data, we deploy platforms and services to manage and protect them as well as the sensitive data they hold throughout their life-cycle.

Trusted digital identities

We're leader in protecting, verifying and managing digital identities and interactions. This enables our clients to offer personal mobile services, payment security, authenticated cloud access, software monetization, data encryption, and many other services.

The solutions which enable these services are built to protect both ends of the network; at the edge in the form of secure software and devices, and at the core to manage the data they hold and exchange. Our ability to do this is founded on our expertise in security processes, software and cryptography.

We develop and install secure software in diverse products (SIMs, payment cards, e-ID documents etc.) used to access digital services. Our platforms and services continuously monitor and manage these devices, checking identities, managing transactions and protecting the data they transmit and store.

What we offer

We secure digital services by offering a seamless chain of software, products, platforms and services both at the edge and the core of the network

The solutions we develop enable our clients to deliver a vast range of secure services in mobile, payment, identity and more. See how our products and services are used in billions of people's digital lives.

Embedded software and products

At the heart of our business is the development of software which we configure and embed in a multitude of different devices. These secure operating systems and applications facilitate access by millions of end-users to a widening range of digital applications and services.

Our embedded software and products protecting the edge of the network include, for example, many kinds SIM cards, payment cards, secure IDs documents and eHealth cards. We personalize these devices with the credentials of our clients and the identities of their customers across hundreds of networks.

Platforms and services

Our platforms and services at the core of the network enable us to extend our reach to products in the field and secure data exchanges. This means we can manage the software and protect the confidential data they contain, as well as the services they make possible, throughout their life cycle.

These platforms and services enable, for example, personalization and issuance for SIM cards, payment cards, software monetization as well as the management of mobile devices and networks.

SIM & Secure Elements

Mobile Trust Net's secure elements portfolio authenticate every device for secure applications and trusted value-added services. Every solution is standards based and delivers the highest security to support even the most sensitive services.

Classic SIM

V Payment Systems SIM card solutions allows MNOs to offer his customers a personalized, interoperable and removable platform. Depending on their size, their memory capacity, and functionalities, V Payment Systems offers a complete range of SIM cards services, tailored following MNOS requirements, to host multiple added-valued services, beyond authentication, such as roaming, mobile marketing, phonebook back-up services.

UpTeq Multi-tenant SIM

In order to extend services to newcomers in the mobile eco-system, such as banks, transport operators etc, V Payment Systems has designed a multi-tenant SIM solution, which is a multi-applicative secure platform. Customized as a lock box, it allows each service providers to host securely his services in the advanced SIM card, that can be activated and managed remotely to make it easy to run revenue and loyalty building services with absolute confidence.


The technologies and markets that make mobility happen

We are one of the leading global provider of secure solutions, applications and services to Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers. We work with over 120 mobile operators, including 3 of the world’s top 10 operators.


  • Advanced NFC Secure solutions
  • Advanced LTE SIM cards solutions
  • Secure SIM cards solutions
  • MultiSIM cards solutions


  • For NFC services: payment, access control, transport, couponing solutions
  • Network & roaming management with Call & SMS management
  • Content & mobile marketing solutions
  • Mobile identity and cloud authentication solutions


  • Services to streamline and secure mobile subscriptions
  • Attractive and innovative SIM services
  • Instant issuance of SIM cards & related services from
  • Secure vending machines
  • Daily services of SIM

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